Are coyotes dangerous to humans?

Coyotes are carnivorous animals and they are wild in nature. These two facts are enough to make any human to feel scared about them. But this is also a fact that coyotes do not attack the humans unless they are offended or feel danger. Normally they attack on the pets and can cause harm to humans if they are in groups. Other than these situations, there has no incident been observed which reported killing or injuring of a human being by a coyote? However there are many other reasons for which we have to avoid contact and closeness with coyotes and for the same reason the coyotes are also not at all suitable to be kept as pets.

Coyotes are reservoirs of many diseases
The main reason for all these facts is that coyotes are carrying a lot of germs for some very serious diseases. Among these different kinds of diseases the most important ones are the viral diseases. These include hepatitis, canine distemper, rabies. Oral papillomatosis and sometimes traces of the virus causing equine encephalitis are also found. Sometimes the coyotes contract the germs from their prey like rodents which mostly bring them the germs of bacterial diseases like Tularemia disease. Among the viral diseases the major rise in death till has been due to the distemper diseases especially in the pups. Usually the infestations caused by mites are not so common but those caused and spread by ticks are especially common which are obviously present in their fur.

Contamination issues related with coyotes
Another very serious issue related with the presence or encounter with coyotes is that they are sources of many germs and these germs can also be transferred to the pets if they keep on visiting your yard or pet keeping area unnoticed. Therefore special measures should be taken in order to avoid the proximity of coyotes with pets or farm animals otherwise they can also spread the diseases in your animals and they can becomes seriously ill. There are very rare cases when coyotes are infested with lice but they can be seriously infested with ticks which can transfer some deadly germs to them. Coyotes are notorious to carry the flatworms like flukes which can cause serious diseases of blood and lungs not only in cattle but in humans as well. In addition to this, coyotes may also become the cause of different parasitic diseases ultimately causing the ailments of intestines in pets and humans as well.

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