Do coyotes make good pets?

Coyote is basically the closest relative to the grey wolf and owing to its characteristics and features it is considered as the basal animal as compared to even wolf. Although it is smaller in size as compared to the wolf yet it is carrying the same terror and fear among people as that of wolves. It is native to the North American continent. It is larger and much fierce than a jackal and has got a strong predatory nature. As far the wide distribution of coyote is concerned, it is carrying the least concern by IUCN. However it is found in abundance in not only in the North America but also in the Southern part in Mexico and through Central America. Coyote is a highly versatile species which is found in between the range of environmental modification made by humans. Presently it is present in the suburbs of Panama Canal and it is predicted that it might expand up to South America as well.

Familiarization of coyote with humans
The decent of the coyote from grey wolf has been noted about 1 to 2 million years ago. This is much longer time as far as the civilization and sophistication of the animal is concerned. However the coyote can still not be regarded as the pet or a friendly animal for humans. When the social organization of the coyote is studied, it is found that it is a very flexible animal with quite a better adaptability and methods of social organization. Coyote not only live in the form of packs of its own kind but it is also seen making loose packs and bonds with other unrelated animals as well. There is another factor which dictates the social and flexible behavior of coyote and that is the feeding habits of coyote. Its diet consists of varied materials like the animal matter, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Occasionally the coyotes also rely on the fruit, vegetables and plants for their food. The animal’s vocals are highly developed consisting of the loud howls which are usually made by the single individuals at a time. As far as the taming and keeping coyote as a pet is concerned, it is a very difficult task. Just like the cougars abd grey wolves, humans are worse and serious enemies for coyotes. Therefore there are no chances of making coyotes or raising them as pets.

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