How to get rid of critters in the attic

Do you walk into your attic only to find critters crawling all over the place? Are they leaving their droppings all over the floor and probably damaging the floors and scratching on wall surfaces? This article will give you tips on how to remove them.

Establish the reason they are in the attic

Most critters will move into your attic because it is an ideal place to;

  • Hide from predators
  • Nest
  • Hide from harsh weather conditions
  • Find food sources
What can you do to remove them?

The most appropriate way to ensure they leave the attic and never come back is by using exclusion doors. These doors are designed in a way that ensures the animal in question can comfortably slip out of it but never get back in. They are designed in conical fashion to ensure this happens. However, remember for best results the exclusion door must be the only entrance/exit that is remaining in the attic. This means you MUST seal all other entrances.

You can also use live cage traps to trap and relocate the animals in question. However, some critters like rats and mice require a more permanent solution (AKA to die off), hence we recommend snap traps for such animals.

Some repellents work on some critters albeit for a short while. Commercial repellents like ammonia and moth balls can temporarily remove critters from your attic. A great idea would be to use them to remove the critters from the attic and follow up by sealing the entrances completely.

Capsicum based repellents do excellent work to remove critters from your home.

Keep them out permanently

Most critters are attracted to your compound in general because of possible food sources. Ensure your entire compound is clean and devoid of food and rodents that may attract other animals like snakes into your attic. Clean homes attract little to no rodent attention.

Keep well trained pets like dogs and cats. These help in permanent control because most critters are wary of confrontations and would rather keep going when they see potential hunters in your attic.

Ensure that your house has no access routes for any critters at all. This involves constant checking up of your home to establish any holes that may lead to your attic.


Critters in your home may look cute and cuddly. Do not be fooled into trying to adopt them. Some carry horrible diseases and parasites that may cost you a lot just to control.

How to get rid of critters in the attic

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