How to cut a dead animal from inside a wall

An animal can die in the wall if it happens to fall in the wall spacing and unable to climb out the walls of a dry wall tend to be smooth. This happens mostly to animals like the mice, rats and sometimes bigger animals like the raccoons and the opossum. Getting rid of a dead animal in the wall is simply cutting the wall. This would include normally include a number of activities:

• Tracing the animal

Tracing the animal is often one activity that is not pleasing at all. You would normally engage your nose by sniffing your walls. Walls that should be concentrated on should be ones where the smell seems to be coming from. When you come closer to the point, the smell would normally get stronger. The exact point in the wall at which the dead animal is at, would normally feel warmer because of the decomposing taking place.

• Cutting the wall

Before commencing, it would be advisable to have some plastic disposable gloves on as well as a nose mask. Assembling the tools to be used should also come before the activity. These would include some sharp drilling tools, some tongs, plastic bag and a bundle of newspapers or some old rag. Use a drill to cut the wall in a manner that the cut piece can be patched back. Cutting in a particular angle is the way to do it. After this is done, use your tongs to pick up the dead animal as you do not want to come into contact with the animal as much as you are wearing the gloves. Put the dead animal in the newspapers or the old rag and wrap. Put the carcass in the plastic bag and dispose in a trash can that can firmly be covered.

• Cleaning the wall area.

What comes after is the cleaning part. Clean the area from the maggots and all fluids from the animal. Using an enzyme cleaner will also help in the cleaning. Spraying the area with some air-freshener or house deodorant will curb the smell.

• Patching the wall

If you had cut the wall in some angle rather than doing it haphazardly, then patching the wall should be easy. All you have to do is bolt back the wall piece and sparkle all edges. It is important to note that if this entire activity seems to be beyond your capacity, then there is no need to start something that you are unsure about. The wisest decision in this case would be having the service of an expert. How to cut a dead animal from inside a wall

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