What kind of damage can Beavers cause?

Do you want to know about beaver? Yes, it is the largest rodent of North America. It is native to Americas and it is found in the forest where the water bodies are present. Beaver is famous for building dams over the streams and rivers. Normally the average sized beaver weighs about forty-to-fifty pounds. However some exceptionally large beavers weight up to about 80 pounds.

Bodily features of beavers
The tail of beavers is the most conspicuous feature of the beavers and another important body part of the beaver is its claws. It has got short legs but the claws are very strong and these are adapted to cutting and chopping of the wood. In addition to this the teeth of beavers are also well developed. Especially the upper incisors are the most importantly developed for the purpose of cutting, chopping and holding wood into their mouths. All these features add together to the living style of the beavers and they have got a special paddles shaped tail which is specialized for swimming. In addition to this tail, beaver also has got webbing in the hind limbs which is also helpful in swimming. In this way it can easily transport the pieces of wood and logs from one place in the streams and rivers to other places. Because of these efficient features it is not at all difficult for the beavers to cut the logs and wood pieces and transport them to their desirable places. In this way they not only cause damage to wood but also cause a change in the flow and direction of flow in the rivers.

Damages caused by beavers
Usually beavers work alone but if they work together they cause a greater damage in much shorter time. Beavers not only cause damage to the forests and woods but they are also damaging in the domestic areas if they find place in the human dwellings. If you get a beaver inside your house, it is very difficult to get rid of it. Therefore the best thing is simply not to allow the beavers form entering into your house. In this regard certain measures are taken and these are recommended to be adopted in order to not let the beavers from coming in the premises of houses or even in the garden.

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