What kind of damage can Canada Geese cause?

Canada geese are predominantly found in the lawns, wheat fields and grasses as well as near the rivers. It is convenient for most of them to gather where there is a food ready to eat.That’s why you will see them just about anywhere whether you’re playing golf, waiting outside the airport, spending a day at the park or even outside your front yard.

Inevitable damage
One of the most common damages inflicted by Canada geese have something to do with their feces. How many times have you walked along the pavement of a recreational park, a hospital, a school or even your own sweet home only to find scattered bird feces all over? The sight makes these birds more like a pest than a visiting bird from another place.

What it looks like
In due time, Goose droppings can leave damage to properties and cause serious health problems that will eventually change your usual lifestyle. That’s how big it is. Feces of any other kind are subject to disease-causing germs and microbes. Sadly, it’s not anymore unusual to get infected with bird –related disease just by doing the effort of cleaning up the surroundings.

Unattractive sight
Other than feces, the nature of these birds tends to make them more aggressive. In the long run, recreational places frequented by many may no longer be safe. Furthermore, Canada geese can actually cause physical harm to individuals especially children. This usually occurs when geese are nesting. In fact, some birds of its kind can run after anyone and threaten their safety. They do this when they want to snatch their food (from humans) or when they are trying to protect their eggs.

Without a doubt
Another damage is to agricultural lands. When geese eat all the crops (e.g. vegetables, sods, cloverleaves, ryes, wheat, bean, sweet corn, etc)…This will affect the amount of harvest, which will eventually lead to loss of profit.

• Eelgrass and cabbage leaves
• Grains and blueberries
• Corns

As the bigger problem arise
With the increasing number of Canada geese migrating to different regions in Asia, Europe and North America, these birds have become quite a nuisance instead of an attraction to people passing by. But since they are migratory birds, there are certain laws and procedures when it comes to their extermination, relocation and removal. If you are experiencing any of these issues or your own property is at serious risk, it is much better to call up your nearest wild life care center.

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