What kind of damage can chipmunks cause?

Chipmunks are small innocent looking rodents and these creatures are the most devastating when it comes to digging of burrows and making underground expansions. Usually the chipmunks are the forest animals and they are not commonly found in the domestic areas. However if they find their way in the houses, they can cause real damage to the houses by making burrows and digging up the ground much deeper in the yards of houses. The most common places where you can spot out the chipmunks or find their hideouts are the yards of houses, moving around the sides of stone walls, beneath the walkways and passage ways outside your houses, patios or in the gardens openly digging the ground. Usually it looks very nice to have the chipmunks around and it seems very pleasant to have them around and to see them running from one place to another in the garden.

Damage caused by chipmunks
As a matter of fact the chipmunks do not really damage the domestic properties. There is no such harm caused to the foundations of the houses as it is done by other animals. However they can be a source of destruction for the ornamental and herbaceous plants which are planted in your garden. Usually they do so when they are on the verge of finding out the seeds and nuts for the purpose of storing in their nests as a winter stock. During this activity they can seriously damage some the ornamental plant roots. Sometimes the chipmunks dig out and then eat up the flower bulbs and then make burrows in the flower beds in the garden. Their favorite places are to dig out around the walk ways, porches and in the flower beds. However in spite of these evidences of burrowing and digging the ground, there has been no evidence that chipmunks have dug up to the level where they have damaged the foundations of the houses.

Finding the chipmunk indoors
Finding the chipmunks inside your house is totally by accident. These creatures usually do not mean to enter the houses because they know there is danger in there and they get inside totally be mistake. This is evident from their act that as soon as they find an open door, they rush towards it and then make their way outside. If you do not want the chipmunks to enter into your house, you needto close all the doors opening to the exterior and keep the closets and doors of the rooms closed.

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