What kind of damage will the moles cause on a lawn

There are a lot of disadvantages that a mole can bring on a particular lawn. That should be understood and taken heavily. Though most people tend to fall on the side of the benefits the moles are associated with, they will forget the demerits of this creature. The things that blindfold most of the people into believing that the animals are good are;

• The moles live underground. They have no direct contact with the people and will thus cause no harms to the people.
• Moles do not spread diseases. Opposed to other rodents, the moles are not associated with any kind of known disease and they are hence considered safe.
• Moles will not live inside the human buildings. Other rodents do live in the human building and therefore they will cause a lot of disruptions to the humans. Moles do not engage in such activities.

On the other hand the moles are very dangerous particularly when they are on a particular lawn. The demerits they will bring are;

• Destruction of the lawn through burrowing.
• They will tend to eat away the important soil aeration agents.
• They eat the grass roots making the whole area have some brown patches.
• They will cause molehills and ridges on your lawn.

Destruction of the lawn
When you have one or two moles on your lawn, they will tend to destroy the lawn through tunneling and burrowing. This leaves the lawn destroyed and unsafe and also very ugly.

Consumption of important soil agents
The moles main sources of food are the earthworms and the grubs. These are very important in so a far as the soil fertility is concerned. When the moles wipe out these important soil agents, then your garden is left with nothing to hold on to and therefore your land is left infertile.

Formulation of the brown patches
When the moles eat away the grass root, the plants are left hanging with nothing to help them take in nutrients, water and other important matter. The plants soon die and the area is left having some brown patches that are very ugly and very distasteful.

Molehills and ridges
Any activity of the moles in an area is commonly attributed by the molehills and the ridges that these animals will normally cause. These structures are very ugly to have on your lawn and therefore, the whole picture of the moles on your lawn doesn’t add up to any good.

You need to make sure that your lawn is free from these animals otherwise, you will have to bear an ugly site.

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