What kinds of damage do pigeons cause in an attic?

Pigeons are lovely birds and offer such a site to watch but we certainly cannot deny that they can get really irritating when they invade your space. They mess your house with their noises and worse of all their constant droppings that you will have to clean up often than you would want to. Pigeons have various entry points into our houses and their various compartments and this includes the attic. It is needless to say that once they enter, then the condition of your attic will definitely not be as good as it was before their invasion. Like machinery, auto mobiles and our ventilation systems, the attic gets its share of damage brought by the presence of these birds in these areas. The damage comes as a result of theirnests and droppings being allowed to accumulate for long period. Some of the damages they may cause to the attic would include:

• Damage to roofs

Droppings of pigeons are acidic in nature. This means that they have the ability to destroy the roof by the means of the acid eating into the roof material especially if the droppings are let to accumulate. This damage greatly reduces the lifespan of the roof such that it is cut up to 50% if not more.

• Collapse of ceilings.

This damage is normally rare but certainly does affect weak ceilings. This damage comes as a result of continuous accumulation of their droppings over the years, such that the ceilings get weaker and weaker with every year and the final result is its collapse.

• Blocking of ventilation systems.

The blocking of these systems can be caused when the pigeons establish their nests on them or their dropping could just be enough block. This situation is especially dangerous as it can actually cause health problems to homeowners. The materials causing the blockage prevent the normal continuous flow of air, a health risk to the home owners.

• Increases the chances of a fire accident.

The materials that the pigeons use to come up with their shelter are flammable in nature. Such would include straws, twigs and feathers. In their nests, you would certainly find some of their dry droppings. They establish these nests close to electric wires of appliances increasing the capability of them heating up, a situation that greatly has the possibility of causing a fire accident.

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