What kind of damage do opossums cause in an attic or under a house?

Most commonly the opossums are found building their nests and roosting in the attic of the houses. Usually the floors of attic are made by wood. Sometimes it is made of plywood and at other times whole wood is used in the construction of the attic floor. The floor is attic is badly damaged by the opossums when they try o gain entry into the house. The most common acts of opossums causing damage to these parts are scampering and scratching of the floor panels of attic whether these are made from wood or plywood. The presence of opossums is detected by the scratching voices which they make while causing damage to the attic floor paneling. If the points of entry to the attic are sealed, then the opossums cannot cause these damages.

Types of damage caused by opossums
There are various aspects of damage caused by the opossums to attic areas of the houses. Opossums are furry and look very cute but in fact these are a source of great deal of damage especially in respect of economic as well as ecological damage. In addition to this, the growing number of opossums in your attic can also serve the source of many different kinds of diseases as they can spread a lot of contamination. If a rough estimate of the economic damage caused by opossums is made, it can go in millions on annual basis. Opossums not only spread contamination and damage the property but they can also steal away your pet food.

Spreading contamination
Opossums are notorious not only for causing damage to your property but they can also be a cause of spreading contamination and causing diseases. Opossums when steal your pet food they can also leave some droppings in the food which can make your pet ill. In addition to this, the excreta of opossums also carry germs for the various diseases. If the number of opossums is small in the house then it is easy to trap them, otherwise a huge number of opossums living in the house is very difficult to handle.

Estimates of damages caused by opossums
It was estimated that almost 30 percent of the annual damage to domestic infrastructure and buildings is caused by opossums. This means that a severe blow is caused to the economy due to these annoying creatures. It is therefore important to spot them and get rid of them before they increase in number and cause damage.

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