What kind of damage can the rabbits cause?

Without careful supervision, you might find yourself being a victim of the hazards that these rabbits cause. Therefore you will have to be very careful on how you deal with these animals otherwise you might land in a situation that is too difficult for you to handle.

Reason why you will need to control these animals
As much as we love these pretty animals due to their cuteness, much about them is unknown and thus the animal is underestimated by many. These animals chew, eat and dig on the foundations and therefore, you will have to be very alert when around them. The animal also multiply in a very short time and thus in a period you might find yourself harboring thousands of them. Therefore, care need to be taken.

Damages they will cause
There are a lot of damages that this animal will cause at a particular time. not only one damage, but multiple damages. Here is what they are capable of;

• Destruction of the farmland.
• Destruction of the forestry and plantation.
• Destruction of the gardens.

These are just part of what the animals can do. Actually, the rabbits can be such havoc if not properly maintained and taken care of.

Destruction of the farmland
A small number of rabbit on any farm can actually eat as many plants as one cow. Therefore, give them a week on your farmland and you might find that the whole land might be bare with nothing left. Therefore, you have to be very careful with these animals on your farmland. Otherwise, letting them be, might be a very risky decision to make.

Destruction of the forestry
Ring barking is a common thing where the forests are concerned. The rabbits will tend to gnaw all around the base of the tree causing quite a significant amount loss. When the base of a tree is gnawed on by the rabbits, the tree lacks sufficient base energy and also lots of the nutrients will not reach the other end making the plant to die and dry.

Destruction of the gardens
If you like your garden aesthetically clean, then consider eradicating all the rabbits on your farm. Rabbits like eating all the sort of plants in the garden and especially the valued ones. Thus you have to strategize you combat and get rid of these animals.

These are just some of the very destructions that these animals results to. Therefore, you have to get rid of them at once.

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