What Kind of Damage do Raccoons Cause in Attic?

Raccoons were in the past kept as pets at home. That was a time when there was a little info about them. However, things changed when it was discovered and now raccoons are carriers of rabies as well as pathogens. Raccoons also bite and scratch, which increased the risk of transmitting rabies disease. They remain wild animals that are not suitable to be near homes.

Although wild animals, raccoons adapt very easily and it is not surprising that they are to be found in urban areas. They particularly like attics where they set up dens and it can be very difficult to sight them owing to the fact that they are nocturnal animals that only become active at night.

Many homeowners do get surprised to earn that they live with raccoons in their home. Indeed many do point out that they have never heard any sounds emanating from their attic. The reality is that you too can have a nursery of raccoons in your attic without your knowledge. This may happen in case you live in an area known to have raccoons since they will often invade your home at night for food.

Having raccoons in your attic can lead to serious damages. While some damages can take time to become evident, others are instant. Some of the damages include:

Stains on Ceiling
The fact that raccoons live in your attic and only emerge at night means that they urinate and drop their fecal right in their den. Accumulation of fecal droppings and saturation of urine does not only lead to bad smell; it also leads to staining of the ceiling below.

Holes in the Roof
Raccoons naturally have the capacity to drill holes on the roof in order to gain entry to the attic where they set up their den. You are most likely to have gaping holes and ripped shingles on your roof in case of raccoon infestation. It is also possible for raccoons to drill holes right through your ceiling.

Ducts and Insulation
Raccoons are strong and very determined animals. They naturally rip off service ducts and insulations in the attic as they search for bedding material. Raccoon damage in the attic can be very serious. It may require a complete overhaul of the roof. This is why it is very important that you secure your roof against entry by raccoons. In case, you live in area with raccoons, it is also recommended that you upgrade your homeowner insurance policy to cover damage by wild animals just in case it does not.

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