What kind of damage do skunks cause under a house?

It is very common to find skunks under houses during late winter and early spring of the year. Most people normally realize that there are skunks living under their houses only after the skunk have sprayed.

What brings skunks under houses?
Skunks normally burrow to hibernate, mostly during cold seasons. When not disturbed, they may take permanent residence under your house. A skunk looking for a place to give birth may also find under your house favorable place to bear the young ones.

Though skunks are said to have some benefits such us eating warms insects, rodents among others, they may also cause some serious damages to your house if left to reside under the house. The following subheadings explain some of the damages that skunks may cause under a house.

i). Weakening of the foundation vents or Breezeways Skunks are very well known to be notorious as they tear foundation vent screen in order to get access to crawl spaces. Foundation vents are one of the most openings used by the skunks to access under the house; this may interfere with the piping and the drainage system of the house.
ii). Spraying in the house Skunks that are in search of shelter are always common in the period of early spring, between February and March. These skunks cause most problems in your compound. Once the breeding season starts, a male skunk will be on heat hence begins to disturbing the female one. If incase the female one is not ready, it will spray to defend herself from the male. The smell of the spray can penetrate through the carpet and other flooring getting into your house. It will be difficult to get rid of the smell unless you get rid of the skunk itself and treat the sprayed area with the recommended chemical.
iii). Digging the compound

Most of the skunks will use under your house as shelter. But when they are hungry, they will come out and go to hunt for food, mostly at night. You are aware that skunks feeds on ants, lizards among other insects which are likely to be found in the grass growing in your compound. Therefore, in the process of hunting, the skunk will definitely dig your compound to gets its food hence damaging your loan and makes your compound looks very ugly.

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