A dead animal inside the air conditioning duct work

Occasionally you will find that there are dead animals that have stuck in the air conditioning duct work. This will normally cause a lot of smell and may actually make the house intolerable for somebody to live in. therefore, something needs to be done to get rid of the animals in the duct work.

What do you need to do?
There are some things or some steps that you are supposed to take before the situation is out of hand. Some people are so afraid to face the dead animal carcass. Here is what you need to do;

• Establish the actual point of the carcass. Normally the animal will die in the attic or under the house and then the molecules of the stench will accumulate in one area. When a person switches on the air conditioner, the stench molecules are circulate all around the house and a person is made to believe that the stench is coming from the duct work. Therefore, it is very important to first of all know where exactly is the smell coming from.
• Establish the best method that you can use to get rid of the animals in the ductwork. Removing the dead animal in the duct work can be a very challenging task and therefore, you will need to be physically fit to cope up with the job. You will need to search all around the duct work and find the exact point where the stench is coming from. This is not easy. However, the process can be made simple if you are good at tracing the stench. Then after locating it, you can now remove the dead animal.
• Establish the root cause of the uncalled visitor. Since you have now removed the anima, it becomes easy to know why the animal had visited the duct work to the point that it died there. After knowing the cause, you can now remove the root cause so that you will not have any more problems with the animal.

Sealing all the entry points
It is very prudent that you get to seal all the entry areas where the animal could have accessed your house through. Then make sure that they are all sealed and the duct work is well covered. This will prevent reoccurrence of such a thing.

Cleaning up the mess
After removing the body, clean up the maggots and the bodily fluids to prevent a boom of diseases from the carcass.

It is wise to follow up the steps and the procedures given above when dealing with a dead animal in the ductwork.

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