How to get a dead animal out of your car

It is nature to have an animal dead and more often than not, they will find a safe haven and a place of comfort to die in your property. We have had cases of animal found dead in the attic, the basement or even the walls, but to bring this to your attention, you may find an animal dead on your car. There are so many reasons why this might be so and therefore, you have to be extra cautious when dealing with the animals.

The common signs of dead animal in the car
There are so many cases reported of incidences of dead animal found dead in the car. First of all, you will experience no major signs but after a certain period of time, some of the signs begin to appear which include;

• Strong odor in the car.
• Signs of blow flies and flesh flies in and out of your car.
• Signs of some worms around certain places in your car.

These are some of the common signs that you will witness over time if the animal is not found and well taken care of.

When attending to the issue of the dead animal in the house, you need to be very vigilant and extra careful. A car is not the same as an attic or the basement. First up, there is a limited space for you to work with and therefore, contamination with the germs and bacteria becomes very easy. Here is what you need to do to attend to the problem;

• Wear protective clothing when dealing with the issue.
• Move the car out of reach for children.
• After disposal spray the car with disinfectant.
• After disposal, do not use the car for some time.

Wearing protective clothing gives you a fighting chance against the germs present in the car. Operating the vehicle within the reach of the children may pose a danger since there is a high communication between the children’s hands and mouth. Spraying the car with the disinfectant kills the germs and finally, using the car immediately after disposing the animal might lead you to contracting some germs. Therefore, you need time to let the bacteria and the smell to free the car.

Preventive measures
There are some preventive measures that you might want to take to prevent this scenario from happening. It is so embarrassing to board your car only to be chased out by an unpleasant smell. Therefore, to prevent this, here is what you need to do;

• Make sure that your car doors are always locked whenever you are outside the car.
• Make sure that you keep a constant check on your car.
• Disinfect the car regularly using the animal repellents that are human friendly to keep the animal out.
• Any broken parts of the car that may allow the animal in needs to be properly sealed.

All these are some precautionary measures that you may consider taking to avoid such a scenario from happening.

If you are taking the right measures to keep the animals out your car, then this should not be a big problem. You just need to be careful and regularly watch out for this aliens to your car. Also, it is advisable that you keep your car in an animal free environment to avoid them getting into the car and dying there.

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