What to do if I find a dead deer outside

There are times where you wake up in the morning only to find a dead deer in your lawn. The next question to ask is what should I do? Most people because of being afraid would leave the animal in the lawn but this would mean that you are allowing the animal to rot, bloat and eventually stink. This is not the solution. You will need to find a real solution to this problem.

What you need to do
Deer can be very hard to remove since they are very large animals and this might be very huge problems to ladies and the old grannies who are at most physically unfit to deal with the big load of carcass on their lawn. In case there is a dead deer outside your lawn you need some specialized equipment t get rid of it for example a winch. This normally comes from the professional dealer.

DIY methods
You can also remove the dead deer yourself though you will need to be very careful. These methods include;

• Use of the landfills.
• Composting the animal.
• Burying the animal.
• Burning the carcass.

These methods are very effective especially when you don’t want to involve the professional.

Use of landfill
If in the area where you reside there are landfills, you could ask for permission from the local facility to dispose the dead deer there. If they allow you, this could be the perfect place for you to throw your deer.

Composting the carcass
You can do this in a place where there are very minimal activities of the people. Composting the carcass involves placing the carcass in place where there is minimum activity of the people. This could have lots of disadvantages and at the same time have lots of advantages. The animal will just rot its way down and cause the soil to very fertile while on other hand it may cause the place to smell very bad.

Burying the animal
This is perhaps the most used method; you can bury the animal if you have a place to bury them and make sure that you follow the guidelines set up by the local authorities in your area.

Burning the animal
You can opt to cremate the animal. The carcass will burn down safely and will not cause a lot of problems to the people around you and most of all it will be of minimum risk to the health to you and people near.

The methods highlighted above will help you solve the problem of the dead deer in your compound.

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