Deer prevention

Deer prevention has become a concern to many due to the fact that they have trespassed and invaded our environment and caused damage to our property and garden. There are a variety of methods used to keep them away from our ponds and gardens such as;

• Erecting fences both electric and non electric.
• Using repellents.
• Ultrasonic devices.
• Netting.

Erecting the fences
Fences are perhaps the most effective measure that one could use to guard his/her yard from the activities of these animals. Make sure that the fences are high up where the deer can never penetrate. Fencing if done in the right way, it can be very effective.

Using repellents is another effective way of controlling the animal and preventing them from gaining access to your yard. Repellents are very many and vary in type and the use. Therefore, make a choice and choose the repellents that best suit your needs.

Ultrasonic devices
These devices include the sound deterrent machines and the strobing lights and very many other devices that follow under that category. The ultrasonic devices all work under the principle of scaring the animal. The sound devices are set in a way that if they notice any movement, they will react and produce a very scaring sound. The animal gets scared and run away. The strobing lights are very helpful at night. In case they notice or sense any motion, they get activated and beam out light that will scare the animal.

These methods mainly prevents the deer from consuming young trees and vegetation

• It involves surrounding the plants with a barbed wire (for trees) and netting for other plants. With this in place the deer will not bring its nose close to your vegetations.
• This method is friendly due to the fact that nets will allow light to pass through
• Other deer control methods include placing human hair nearby. Deer don’t like the scent and it drives them off quickly, even the hungriest of them all.

One may decide to guard your premises using dogs. You may want to keep two or more so as to keep off even the bigger species of deer. The presence of dogs will be of greater help especially to the people in the country side and suburbs.

All these methods are very helpful at keeping the animals away. Therefore, if you have a deer problem consider using these simple steps.

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