Deer repellents

There are many kind of the repellents in the market. Every manufacturer has to advertise for his products in the best possible way and an individual might be very confused when it comes to this products. There are very many kinds of the repellents which in clued;

• Sound repellents.
• The natural repellents.
• Store bought repellents.

These three are the most and widely used types of repellents that are in the repellent market today. However, what you choose to use will depend on the extent of the animal damage to your farm. But may be before you use the repellents, here is what you should consider;

• How effective is the method.
• How long will the repellents keep the animals away?
• The cost of the repellents.

Before going into the market to buy the repellents, those few points should be well noted.

Sound repellents
Deer are very cautious and will tend to very careful about what they do and where they feed. If you have a deer problem in your yard then using the sound repellents might be very effective. The moment they step in your yard, the sound is activated and it produces weird sound. This will deter the animal away and chances of returning might be very minimal.

The natural repellents
Natural repellents are also very widely used and very effective. The natural repellents include the plants and some animals that you will keep in your yard to protect you. Some plants produce very bad smell that will cause the animal to develop a distasteful smell and thus the animals will dislike your plants and they will go away at once. Also, animals might be very effective mostly if you have a dog, this might be a very good repellent. Dogs are predators of the deer and if you happen to have one in your compound, the deer will be afraid to come in your yard.

Store bought repellents
This includes the like of the ammonia and the mothballs. Though they might not be effective, they might do you a little help. These substances will cause a distasteful smell in the air that the animals might not like and thus, they run away.

All these methods have proved to work. Therefore, choose a method that is at you convenience and that will keep the animals away for as long as you want.

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