How to deodorize your house from a dead animal

Animals that get into our house like the rats, mice and raccoons may sometime die while still inside. In some instances, we are lucky to find the carcass while in some, our efforts just prove to be futile. In this case, your home becomes a place that you cannot stand but sadly, can’t evade unless of course you can manage some other temporary accommodation place. This option is not available to many and so the only thing left to do is still with the problem head on. Whatever the case may be, the most affordable option becomes deodorizing our homes off the terrible stench. Deodorizing is such a simple task that one can actually carry out by themselves such that you will not have to call some service providers to do the job for you. Below are simple, readily available products that work amazingly and in addition, have been recommended by experts in the pest control industry.

• Baking soda

The first we look at will be the baking soda. It is easily available not to mention cheaper as compared to other products. Baking soda is basically sodium carbonate and this base agent is known to absorb smells. All you have to do is make a solution and spray in the particular area at least 2 to 3 days. For even more effective result, combine the sprays with pouring some of the powder on the area.

• Vinegar

Vinegar also works under the same principle as baking soda. It is also one that absorbs smells. Just fill some cups with vinegar and place them in the affected areas. The vinegar will not only absorb the smell but will also ensure that the place has some pleasant vinegar smell.

• Coffee Ground

Eliminating the awful smell just goes as easy as using coffee grounds. How convenient and easy is that considering that coffee is part and parcel of our breakfast. Instead of wasting the coffee ground, use it as a deodorant. Like vinegar, all you need is place some of it in the particular area and relax. The stench will no longer be your concern.

• Charcoal briquettes

Charcoal has no doubt been known as a cleaning agent from facial cleansers to being an alternative to toothpaste. As a deodorant, then charcoal briquettes come to play when it comes to eliminating the bad stench. Place some of the briquettes in the affected area and there, problem solved. For best results, a combination of these methods would work more efficiently. How to deodorize your house from a dead animal

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