Will A Strobing Light Or High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work On Rat?

People have devised various techniques of getting rid of rats. Some work effectively while others are total waste of time and money. The effective way is sealing all the entry points a rat can use to gain access to your house, otherwise if they are in the building and seem not to get out, do not try strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent technique. Rats need a valid reason to vacate, not some mere light gadget or a sound box. Once a rat establishes a safe place to live, it can’t leave the place as it will be a certain death trap. This life and death scenario cannot be triggered by some constant sounds or flashing light or just any reason.

Why people deter mice
Humans are not fond of rats and mice. They are universally deemed asunhygienic animals. Besides diffusing diseases such as diarrhea, rabies, leptospirosis, and several skin diseases, they are very destructive to plants, crops, food and other home appliances and that’s why they have to go.

How they work
• Strobing Light. This is a strobe light that has a bulb emitting high beam light. The strobe lights are spontaneously turned on when it senses motion in the locality. These device aims to frighten rats and chase them from the area.
• UltrasonicHigh Pitch Sound Machine. It is an appliance which emits high pitch sound of about 18,000 Hz to 32,000 Hz. It is frequently used inbasements, attics, warehouse, garage, and areas of 3,500 square feet

Why they don’t work
These devices can be frustrating to both animalsand humans. Researches have been conducted and none has proven that these fancy methods work. Rats are not very sensitive to light, they can walk in very bright light without blinking or getting distracted. High pitch sound is their exclusive method of communication, ultrasonic high pitch sound machine wouldn’t be a deterrent as they will get used to it.

Final verdict
There are many ways to repel rats from your house but don’t use the strobing light or Ultrasonic High Pitch Sound Machines. They are a nuisance, furthermore, rats get used to them within a short lifespan. Taking preventative measures will not only keep the rats at bay, but also save you the costs of this pest control. So, to have a peace of mind that is rat free, block all the possible entry points that rats can use.

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