Will A Bright Light or High Pitch Deterrent Machine work On Squirrels?

Squirrels are woodland creatures that you may find appealing to look at while you are taking a stroll. This great feeling is lost when the little creatures find their way in to your house.

People have come up with different means of ridding themselves of rodents through time. Some ways gruesome and inhumane and others fairly reasonable!

Some of the methods include:

• Poisoning
• Traps
• Sound repellents
• Bright light repellents

Sound Repellents
The idea of a machine that you just connect and leave in your attic and it does the rest is just riveting. The devices in the market today work under the pretext that the devices produce a high frequency sound that human beings can’t hear but the squirrels do to a point that it’s so distracting to them that they have to put a distance between them and the sound.

• The major issue is that devices like these, unlike insecticides, pesticides and other pest repelling products, the manufacturers of these devices are not required to produce proof that the devices actually work, so by logic, the idea of these devices actually working on the capacity that they are actually marketed is dubious at best.
• And if you were to entertain the idea that the devices work, how long would this solution last? Squirrels do adapt to changes in their environment, and so the sound devices would only work for a very short period of time before the squirrels actually get used to them and this puts you right back where you started

Bright Light
It won’t work because.

• Squirrels enter your house through multiple openings in your house. Do you really plan to install a bright light at every opening?
• The squirrels hop around outside with the sun out. If the sun doesn’t force them into a hideout then you really should be skeptical about buying a squirrel deterring bright light.

Permanent removal
Rather than stressing over devices that have no proven ability to work, it is best to use permanent removal methods;

• Trapping and relocating
• Use of one way exit doors that ensure once the squirrel is out, it’s never coming back.
• Use of animal control experts who will not only catch them, but move them to a different part of town.
• Though not a humane way, poison them. However, your home will stink for a while.

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