What diseases do armadillos carry?

Unique Aspect of Armadillos as Species
One of the most distinct aspects of armadillos as a wild animal species is the fact that the body temperature of these animals is pretty much lower than the body temperature of other wild animals and animals in general. Now, you probably ask yourself why we mention this interesting fact. Well, we mentioned this interesting fact because it is the low body temperature of armadillos that makes these animals susceptible to a plethora of dangerous diseases. However, although armadillos are susceptible to a huge number of various diseases, this doesn’t mean that they will contract every possible zoonotic disease in the wild. In fact, armadillos acquire diseases quite rarely. However, we should keep in mind that once an armadillo contracts a zoonotic disease, it can barely or never get rid of it. We should also keep in mind that armadillos usually get infected with serious zoonotic diseases that are extremely dangerous to human health. This is yet another reason why people should never get in touch with armadillos.

In this article, we will feature some of the most common diseases that are found in armadillos. You will be surprised when you read what dangerous diseases an armadillo can carry with itself. Let’s now see what dangerous diseases armadillos usually carry:

Leprosy is the most dangerous disease that can be found in armadillos. This disease has been one of the deadliest diseases in the past before a cure for it was found. Leprosy is also called the Hansen’s disease. Only a few wild animals are susceptible to leprosy. This disease is never transmitted by being in proximity of an armadillo. Only direct contact with an armadillo can get you infected with leprosy.

Rabies is the second most dangerous disease that some armadillos can carry. Only a small number of armadillos are found to have the rabies virus. To get infected with rabies by an armadillo, the animal would need to bite or scratch you.

If an armadillo ever scratches or bites you, seek medical help immediately.

You don’t have to get in a close touch with an armadillo to get infected with a dangerous disease called Salmonella. It only takes you to drink one glass of water contaminated by armadillos to get infected with salmonella.

This is yet another reason why you should never drink water in the wild. Always carry a bottle of water with yourself instead of drinking water in the wild.

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