What Diseases Do Bats Carry?

Bats are very imperative to human as they are the only flying animal that can consume thousands of mosquitoes and other night flying insects within an hour. That made them o be worthy of conservation in the world but it is important to note that bats are linked to lots of diseases that are hazardous and deadly to human. One of the most profound diseases which most people know about bats is rabies but it is also good for you to know that there are other more deadly virus diseases linked to bats which can be transmitted to human.

How Bats Transmit Rabies to Human
Rabies is a disease popular among all warm blood animals and mostly affects the wild animals. The animal can transfer the disease to another through bite and getting in contact with the mucus that come out of the sick animal. So, bats are known to equally be at risk of this disease and can easily transmit it to human through bite. For that reason, if you are dealing with bat infestation in your house, you should try as much as you can to avoid the animal administering a bite on you to avoid being at risk of being infected with rabies.

Histoplasmosis Disease and Bat
The Histoplasmosis is fungus disease known to grow in bat feces. This disease is also airborne meaning that it can be transmitted to human through the air. Simply by inhaling bat feces you will stand at greater risk of this disease. While some cases may go away without any medication there are some that normally result to serious lung disease making it important to avoid getting in contact with bat droppings.

Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever
The Marburg hemorrhagic fever is a viral infection associated with bat which can easily affect human. The first outbreak of this disease was recorded in Africa and up to 90% of people infected were not able to survive the infection. That made it one of the most deadly diseases associated which bats you need to be aware of while dealing with bat problem in your house.

Ebola Hemorraghic Fever
The Ebola hemorraghic fever is also caused by virus known as “cousin” Marburg Virus and they belong to certain group of virus called filoviruses. This virus disease is highly fatal just like the Marburg Virus and the case recorded in Africa killed almost 95% of those infected with it.

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