What diseases do coyotes carry and what are some symptoms of a sick coyote?

If the carnivorous wild animals of the North American continent are studied, it becomes evident that the coyotes carry the largest number of diseases and germs in the form of parasites. This is basically due to the fact that coyotes live on different kinds of diets and there is a wide range of habitat where they live. Therefore it is an obvious fact that the coyotes can contract many different kinds of germs and diseases. Among these different kinds of diseases the most important ones are the viral diseases. These include hepatitis, canine distemper, rabies. Oral papillomatosis and sometimes traces of the virus causing equine encephalitis are also found.

Spreading of diseases and germs carried by coyotes
Previously there was a great deal of problem caused due to the outbreak of diseases like rabies in coyotes. However this problem was controlled to much extent since 1970s and since that time, there has been no problem of this kind. However sometimes some sporadic cases are known to occur once in 5 years but these are even not o much severe. Many diseases have been known to cause certain diseases among the coyotes population and when they migrate to other population and even to other species, they cause the spreading of diseases. Basically the spreading of germs and diseases from coyotes is due to one of the reasons that these are highly social animals and can form packs and herds with other animals as well. There are also come diseases which spread among coyotes from dogs and these diseases are especially common in the areas where these two species live closely.

Sources of diseases
Sometimes the coyotes contract the germs from their prey like rodents which mostly bring them the germs of bacterial diseases like Tularemia disease. Among the viral diseases the major rise in death till has been due to the distemper diseases especially in the pups. Although adults may be a little immune to this disease, but the pups are strongly affected. Coyotes also carry ticks and mites in their fur and this is the major reason for the spreading of certain diseases not only among coyotes but in other animals which live in their close proximity. Usually the infestations caused by mites are not so common but those caused and spread by ticks are especially common. The peak seasons for their infestation spreading are from May to August in the North western part of America and from March to September in the regions of Arkansas.

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