What Disease Do Groundhog Carry?

Do you know Groundhogs are among the wild animals with highest number of diseases? Yes, they are mostly affected with rabies, diarrhea, tularemia, ticks and lots more. These diseases usually show different symptoms on the animal. Also, most of these diseases can easily be transferred to human through several ways including bite, scratching and others. Also, groundhogs usually carry some bacteria and fungi on their body while on the go. So, getting in close to them or handling them can result to transfer of such disease causing organisms to your body. You will learn more about each of the groundhog diseases listed above through the content of this post.

Groundhogs Can Carry Rabies
Among other rodents, groundhog is known to be most prone to rabies. The reason is simply due to the fact that they always fight with each other biting and scratching each other with nails. In that regard, when one groundhog contract rabies disease, it can infect it to as many groundhogs as that challenge it to fight. You can notice a rabid groundhog through the untypical behaviors, lack of coordination during movement, inability to exercise normal fear for human and others. Just make sure you do not go any way closer to rabid groundhog to avoid being infected with the disease.

Groundhogs and Diarrhea
Diarrhea is among the commonest diseases affecting different kinds of wild animals and groundhog is never an exception. In fact, diarrhea is disease that usually proves difficult and even deadly to groundhog. This disease comes with several symptoms such as frequent and excessive discharging of bowels brining out thin watery fees. Also, diarrhea normally shows symptoms of gastrointestinal upset or infection. Discovering groundhog suffering from this disease is not difficult as you can discover that through signs on their body, weakness of body and other.

Groundhogs and Tick
Apart from rabies and groundhog diarrhea another most popular disease affecting groundhog is tick. Groundhog tick usually makes the animal feel uncomfortable and inability to concentrate in a particular activity. The disease can be transferred from one groundhogs to another can even result to serious disease to human.

Groundhogs and Tularemia Disease
Tularemia disease is another popular disease that affects groundhogs. This disease comes with several obvious symptoms. Some of the symptoms include: Headache, Chill, fever, and diarrhea. Groundhog suffering from tularemia disease will unlikely survive for time as the disease normally overwhelm them resulting to death most times.

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