What Disease Do Raccoons Carry?

Raccoons may look fury, beautiful and harmless yet they can be harmful and transfer deadly disease to human. There are various kinds of diseases raccoons can transfer to human which made it important for one to stay away from it. This article is dedicated to provide you with information on some of the diseases raccoons can cause to human so you can know more about the reasons why you should try as much as you can to avoid them totally from sharing your home with you. Most of the raccoon diseases are highly infectious and can be transmitted from one person to another.

Raccoons Roundworm
Raccoons can easily excrete roundworm egg through their feces. These roundworm eggs are very small and can easily become airborne. Human can easily inhale the eggs which will get into their body to hatch and mature into full roundworm that can cause serious problem to health. For that reason, in order to avoid falling victim of raccoon roundworm you have to avoid getting on contact with the feces and urine as much as you can.

Leptospirosis Disease from Raccoons
Raccoon can infect human with Leptospirosis which is a deadly bacterial disease found in the feces and urine of raccoon. More so, human being can easily contract this disease through an open wound getting contacted with the bacterial. It is diseases that can cause serious problem to human if not diagnose and handled perfectly on time. Some of the possible symptoms of leptospirosis include: Diarrhea, High fever, Nausea and vomiting, Anemia, and Meningitis, liver and kidney failure and others. So, you should try as much as possible to avoid touching or even going close to areas where raccoon feces are littered.

Salmonella Disease from Raccoon
Salmonella bacteria are among the harmful bacteria found in raccoon feces. For that reason, if you mistakenly ingest raccoon feces you will stand chance of contracting these bacteria which will result to Salmonella disease. One problem with this bacterium is that it can remain dormant in the body when the environment is not favorable to it and return to its normal in a more favorable environment.

Rabies from Raccoon
Rabies is a viral disease that affect almost all warm blooded animals mainly the ones in the wild. Raccoon is among the animals that can get this disease and also transfer it to human through bite. Raccoon can easily get this disease by getting on contact with the saliva of already infected animal around.

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