What diseases do rats carry?

Rats can transmit diseases in two forms. If you are keeping them as pets, it is required that you carry out their proper vaccination and check up so that any virus or germ cannot grow. If any of the germs grows inside the blood of these rats, it can not only make them ill but the germs can also get transferred to the owners. For example many such cases have been reported and observed in which the people have reported to contract diseases from rats because of their bites and scratches on human skin. The most common situation which is seen to have arisen from the bites and scratches of rats is the occurrence of rat bite fever which usually people contract from these rats.

Diseases spread by droppings of rats
The waste products and dropping of rats are sources of some very dangerous diseases. The urine of rat is the most common agent for spreading the germs of leptospirosis. This disease is really devastating for liver and kidneys. This disease is very dangerous and has a much delayed treatment. This disease can be contracted by the handling of infected rat. Even the germs of this disease can also be transferred by inhaling through the scat of the infected rats. In severe cases of complications arising from this disease chronic and acute liver and renal failure may also occur. Therefore it is very important to adopt the hygienic conditions while handling the rats and their vaccination schedule should be followed in time. No one can ever think of the danger associated with wrong handling of rats or their droppings as one can also contract the germs of cardiovascular diseases if the rats are carrying certain germs in their blood or their waste products.

Viral diseases transferred through rats
LCMV which is abbreviated as Lymphocytic choriomeningitis is a viral disease and its germs are transferred from the rats carrying them. As these viruses are host specific, they do not cause harm to the rats themselves but this virus is very harmful for the humans. The virus is transmitted through the saliva and blood of the infected rats. The reaction of this disease has varying effects in different people. Some people experience temporary problems and then get alright but on the other hand some people complain of serious symptoms for a longer period of time. Another very notorious disease which is associated with rats and more specifically albino rats is bubonic plague.

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