Diseases Wild Animals Carry

Wild animals may look cute and wonderful curdle but they carry enormous diseases which can be transmitted to human also known as zoonosis. Majority of the diseases are mostly contagious for people with weak immune system like the pregnant women, the new born babies and those with AIDS. But there is also some zoonosis that affect people with strong immune system which made it important to stay away from all wild animals mostly the ones that show sign of being sick and infected. You will know more about some zoonosis through this article.

Rabies Disease

Rabies is one of the most common and severe zoonosis caused by variant virus and can easily be transmitted from one warm blooded animal to another through bite. It can also be transmitted through scratch from affected wild animal but that is on rare case as the major mode of transmission is through saliva transferred through bite. If you get bite from wild animal you should not joke with it as that can result to this acute viral disease that can even take your life if nothing is done on time to arrest the situation. The disease can equally affect your pets when it get in contact with wild animal which made it important for you to always give your pets vaccines as directed by your veterinary doctor.

Salmonellosis Disease

This is also known as food poisoning and it is transmitted from feces of wild animals to human through ingestion of the feces. This disease is mostly fatal to those with weak immune system like AIDS, pregnant women and newly born babies. For that reason, you should not allow a pregnant woman to cleat cat litter boxes or wild animal droppings in the house at any point in time.

Anaplasmosis Disease

Most wild animal carry parasites on their body like lice, tick and others. For that reason, a bite from tick can easily result to Anaplasmosis to human. It is a tick born disease that can easily affect you when you allow wild animal to share part of your home with you. That is why you should not allow wild animal to live in the attic, roof, under shed or porch as well as your yard.

Toxoplasmosis Disease

Toxoplasmosis disease is caused by Toxoplasma gondii which is a single-celled parasite. Human can easily get this zoonosis by eating under cooked meat mostly lamb, pork as well as consuming unpasteurized milk.

Diseases Wild Animals Carry

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