What equipment is needed to trap an Armadillo

Armadillos like every other unwanted animals can literally drive you nuts. These animals do not only mess up your yards or the garden you put so much effort to take care of, with their numerous bores but can go as far as threatening the foundation of your property. So the question comes in, how exactly do we get rid of them and in this case trap them. Well, every mission comes with just the right equipment to be put to use for results to be realized and trapping armadillos is no less of a mission. The equipment here would include: the trap, dirt lining, a fence and of course a bit of knowledge concerning how the animal relate to that specific area.

The trap
They are normally two types of traps to handle armadillos, the lethal traps which kill the animal and the humane traps. Since our goal here is simply to catch the animal, we shall consider the humane type. A raccoon sized live cage trap is definitely the one to go for. The trap in use should not be less than 30 inches in length, 12 in height and 10 in width. One model that has been known to give great results is the Havahart 1079. Having the trap without knowing how to place it is no solution. Trapping entails understanding the behavior of the armadillo in terms of them being nocturnal animals, dig burrows and live underground, dig up for food such as grubs not forgetting their poor eye sight. Since armadillos are animals of habit, this means that their entry point into your property is the same one they will use to enter over and over again. Such a burrow could be just the main burrow out of the several they dig for purposes of escape. Setting up the trap in such becomes your solution. However, if one is unable to identify the main burrow, no worries. Set up the trap in the pathway of any of the burrows, and this will just do.

The fence.
The purpose of the fence is basically to lead the animal right inside the trap in the case where the trap has been set against a wall. The fence is normally erected adjacent to the wall such that it prevents the armadillo from wandering away from the trap but constrains it in a manner that, even as it goes about wandering, there will be no way to escape the trap.

The dirt lining
Dirt lining that would include plants, are essentially meant to sort of invite the animal into the trap. It is normally placed at the bottom and at the entrance of the trap.

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