What equipment is needed to trap a Groundhog?

If you’re reading this then you probably have come across a groundhog. It’s well-known that groundhogs have an aggressive nature and being that they are burrowers, chasing after one and catching it doesn’t come close to a pragmatic solution or even something that should pop into your head. Being burrowers’ means that these creatures are wildly destructive, You will hate having groundhogs because;

• They destroy foundations of buildings with their burrowing activity
• With the burrowing the destruction comes to worst when they destroy farm ponds
• They also eat commonly grown vegetables around farms

What won’t work?
• Use of moth balls and repellents. This will most definitely not work. The idea that this would work is only dubious at best. It’s inefficient and ineffective and to be honest a complete waste of your money.
• Obstructions. How will you obstruct the path of an animal that burrows the ground to a volume of 1m3? These creatures destroy foundations of houses, so by logic, this doesn’t work either.

What will work?
I bet that now you are wondering, what to do now. Well there is really one actually workable and solution based method that will work and the best thing is that it is not tedious or hard to set up. This is trapping. The best thing is that this method can be used on many other rodents.

• A live cage trap specially designed for the groundhog will work well and is easy to get and install. And along with this you can simply purchase them in home and garden stores around your neighborhood.
• This method is humane and cheap. Vegetables are a good bait to use. Now remember that after trapping the groundhog, you mustmake sure you are not taking it to the next property, take it far away from your home, or else you are going to be dealing with the same problem from the same animal in no time. Check on your state laws regarding catch and release policies of animals so that you can avoid fines.
• Another way is using a lethal body gripping trap. This will kill the groundhog and leaves you to deal with the carcass. These creatures harbor diseases so you will need to be careful with this method.

These animals are tenacious protectors of their territory, and they will put a fight if you come too close or touch them. Keep safe and handle with care.

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