What equipment is needed to trap a rat?

Are you looking for the equipments to trap a rat? Look No More! Here are some equipments used to trap rats:

Victor rat traps
Unlike the metal type, this plastic trap is very sensitive to little pressure exerted on the expansive bait pedal. The trap should be placed in a region of high activity like: gnawing, urine stains, burrows, or rub marks. This method is only successful when you are aggressive and persistent enough. You will also have an edge when you use very many traps. The trick is to bait the trap for a week, afterwards, bait and set the traps after the rats are used to them. The larger the number, the higher the chances of catching many of them before they become trap shy.

T-Rex rat traps
The design of this trap is based on the T-Rex mouth structure. Its interlocking teeth make it impossible for a rat to escape. Its trap velocity together with trigger sensitivity is very accurate. You can set it up using your foot by pressing the trap open. You can place it along pathways or a tamper-resistant bait station. You can use Hercules Putty (an adhesive that sticks to the trap) with the trap so that the rat cannot carry away the trap when captured

Revenge press and set rat trap
It is also known as Bonide EZ set rat trap. It is very powerful thus making it impossible for a caught rat to escape. It is simple to use and set. First of all, it has a big and deep bait well that is effective in luring the rat to the trap. You can set the trap by pressing it down on the floor with your foot or by hand. It doesn’t hurt in case you miscalculate your setting like other snap traps. Rats will always be wary of new things and that is why you need to bait the trap but don’t set it. After around 4 days, start setting it with baits like peanut butter. Its lucrative features include:

• Reusability
• Easy to use
• Poison free
• Extra-large bait well
• Strong and durable
• Easy disposal technique

Live traps
These are the most humane methods of trapping rats. One has to place a bait or provoke rat bait inside the mesh box and release it to the rats denning areas. It is perfect for rats and other rodents like squirrels and muskrats. The trap has different dimensions with all the sizes having spring-loaded doors for animal retention. Galvanized wire mesh is used to make it strong and resilient.

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