What equipment is needed to trap a squirrel?

Honestly, I find squirrels cute and it would be difficult for me to kill any of them. For that reason, I highly suggest live cage trapping for the pesky young squirrels. Before doing this, however, please coordinate with your area authorities on animal control. You have to first establish the legalities of this action before proceeding. Granted your state allows live cage trapping of wild life for release 10 kilometers away from your home, then we can start surfing the web and visiting local stores for available squirrel traps. While at it, begin plugging any area or hole very carefully since squirrels are known to gnaw an extra hole surrounding a patchwork quite quickly. To assist you on your quest for finding the perfect squirrel trap, here is a list of what is on the market today:

1. Tru-Catch 24 Tuffy
This trap is intended for weasels, kittens, squirrels, minks, squirrels and other small creatures. You can get this at $49.99 at http://www.trucatchtraps.com. This does not have a rear door, but is two feet in length, eight inches wide, nine inches tall and a weight of 4.8 pounds.

2. Dura Poly trap
Excellent aimed at catching squirrels, skunks, woodchucks, cats, badgers, raccoon and rabbits, this trap is made from tough polyethylene. Its price ranges from $70 to $80 at http://www.snareshop.com. It comes complete with a galvanized positive auto-lock, spring-powered gate.

3. SnareVival Survival Pocket
Manufactured by Wire, this squirrel and rabbit trap costs only $19.98 athttp://www.ebay.com. It is a pocket-sized survival system to catch wild animals and even fish when hunting. When stowed, it is just 1.56 inches in width and .135 inches thick. It can be brought anywhere inside a pocket, besides quickly used.

4. Animal Trap
Having a size of 17 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches, this trap is for rats, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. Sold at $16.21 at Amazon, it is powder coated, galvanized, and applied with anti-glare substance for brilliant corrosion endurance. This anti-glare layer provides exceptional camouflage inside dark areas to augment the possibility of trapping.

5. Havahart Cage Trap – Model 0745
A standard variant aimed at trapping flying and red squirrels, this trap is created from sturdy, fired up wire net. This ensures all-out resistance to rust or corrosion, besides being constructed with internal boundaries for avoiding the animals to be injured. Each trap is completely assembled for immediate use. You can get this at an average cost of $34.39 at DoMyOwnPestControl.com.

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