Should I Ever Poison a Bat?

Most people in their bid to remove bat in their house are thinking of the right thing to do in order to ensure permanent solution. Some are even thinking of making use of bat poison, fumigants, pesticides and lots more. But there is no particular bat poison in the market and most products are not effective for exterminating bat. Also, it is important for you to know that any fumigant that can kill bat can actually have bad effect on you due to the fact that bats are mammals just like yourself.

Never Try To Kill Bat with Rat Poison as That Will Not Work
Due to lot of damages caused by bat at homes, most people have tried killing it with rat poison. But, the truth is that bat feeds on flying insects and not anything you may use as your bait to the poison. For that reason, buying rat poison to kill bat may end up killing your lovely pet or even putting your children in serious danger and risk of being poisoned.

Never Poison Bat As It Is Against the Law
It is important for you to know that bat is among the wild animals seriously protected by law in most countries of the world. For that reason, you are not allowed to kill them for any reason and if you happen to do that occasionally it can result to breaking of the law. In that regard, you should not consider poisoning bat as an option when you want to deal with bat problem in your house.

Killing Bats with Poison Can Result To Serious Disaster
Killing bats with poison can result to disaster you may not be able to handle at the end of the day. The problem will be compounded if you happen to poison them during the breeding season when they are already with nest of babies as that can result to serious stench from the carcasses. So, in order to avoid polluting the air and discomforting yourself from bad odor here and there you should avoid poisoning bat.

Only Remove Bat through Exclusion Method
Since you are not allowed to use lethal method in your bid to remove bat, you should always consider using exclusion method. This is simply creating a one-way exit point for the bat without being able to get back to your house. Then after you successfully exclude them from your house the next thing will be to repair and seal up the holes through which they are getting into your house.

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