Should I ever poison a rat?

People are going nowadays for adopting many effective means of getting rid of the rats. Among the various other means, they have suggested the most authentic ways of getting rid of rats permanently. Among such way one is to simply poison the rats and then you can simply remove the body of rats form your house. After this your house will be perfectly and completely safe from these rodents. However this is not the case. Poison is something which is even used by some of the experts and professionals to remove rats. But this cannot be the source of permanent removal of rats form your house. You cannot make your house rodent proof after using this agent. This is because every rat will not eat that poison and die on its way. It is only a few out of many rats that can be killed by poisoning.

Reasons why poison is not effective
There are several reasons argued by many people who show that the rats should not be poisoned and there is a very little chance of getting most of the rats killed by using this method. There are several reasons which explain why poison should not be used and why it is not the effective agent in making your house rat proof.

Poison is not effective always
It is not necessary that all the rats will go near it and will also eat it. Therefore its effectiveness is doubted even from the time you put it on the bait and wait for the rats to come and eat it. Even if any rat eats it, there are not complete chances that it will also die off.

Some poisons are illegal to use
There are certain poison types which are unfortunately also used by the rodent removal experts and it is not known by many people that these poisons are legal to be used. For example the use of tracking powder is not only useless to apply because the rats do not go near it but it is also illegal to apply with the intention of killing rats. It can also kill people.

Poison is not permanent solution
Poison may kill some of the rats in your house, but it cannot keep other rats from entering into your house. Therefore it cannot control the aggravating situation of rats that keep on entering your house every year. Therefore it is better to look for a permanent solution then going for applying poison as a last resort.

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