What is an exclusion barrier?

Exclusion barriers are any tools, gadget or machinery you use to ensure that a pest for instance a rodent does not gain entry to a building a property or a room.

Why do we need exclusion barriers?

Exclusion barriers are great when you are trying to humanely control pests in your area. By use of exclusion barriers, you ensure that the animal in question does not gain entry into a certain area by keeping them t bay using a physical barrier. Some of the exclusion devices used for animal control include;

• One way exclusion doors- these work by allowing an animal to get out of a certain are but never to come back onto the building.

• Walls. These are especially good when it comes to larger animals like wolves, coyotes, foxes and skunks.

• Electrified fences- as the name suggests these fences are electrified, meaning they will give an animal a jolt of electricity once they try to cross the fence. They are most useful when it comes to large animals especially in parks and animal sanctuaries like lions, elephants among others.

• Bird nets- these are ideal to control birds from accessing certain areas and sometimes bats. These nets simply stop a bird that tries to fly in a certain direction for instance into a warehouse or a silo.

Why do you need exclusion barriers?

• The laws in your land may prohibit killing or injuring some animals which may happen when you use some methods of pest control
• You may be looking for humane way to control pests in your area.
• Some methods like use of pesticides use may not be friendly to other animals and may cause you loss instead of gain.

Are they any good?

Yes, they are an excellent way to keep out pests from your home or compound. They are also very humane as they are not made with the intention of killing an animal, rather warding off an animal to other places. If anything they are much better than most chemical means of pest control.

How do you get them?

They are generally cheap and easily available at local animal stores. All you need to do is explain what you are looking for and most likely you will get one. You can also make some for yourself. For instance you can read instructions from book or the internet and do it yourself.

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