How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove armadillos without trapping them

Destructive Wild Animals
Armadillos are destructive wild animals that carry various diseases with themselves. These wild animals are destructive because they will do significant damage to your property once they invade it. Because armadillos transmit various diseases and are a nuisance, you will need to control these wild animals. There are several methods of armadillo control but most of those control methods are messy as they involve dangerous poisons and guns which is an inhumane wild animal control method. Live traps are an effective way to catch armadillos, but then you are at problem what do you with the armadillo you have just caught? Snap traps may catch your armadillo, but then you will have to touch the armadillo’s body and clean up the mess after it. Poison does work on armadillos but it is a serious threat to your pets and kids. Armadillos that are poisoned usually end up dying in areas that are hard to reach and thereby cause a long-lasting foul smell and attract carrion feeders to your property. Because of this all the one way exclusion funnel could be the best solution for getting rid of dillos on your property.

One Way Exclusion Funnels and Armadillos
The one way exclusion funnel always take advantage of an armadillo’s foraging nature. This simple device is basically a hardware wire that has been rolled into the shape of a funnel. One way exclusion funnel is attached to the outer side of a holes armadillos use for entering and exiting a structure or burrow. To install a one way exclusion funnel you will need to track your armadillos based on their scat or their tracks. You should seal all the other holes you find. When you find the main entry hole of your armadillos, place the wide end of your funnel over that main hole. By using an armadillo’s own hole, you won’t alert the animal to danger. One way Exclusion funnels don’t require poison, bait or other special tools to install. The idea is very simple. The armadillo will crawl out the hole through the funnel’s wide end, escape through the funnel’s narrow end big enough for the animal to exit it. As an armadillo exits, the small funnel’s end will collapse down and make it impossible for an armadillo to enter it once again.

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