How to Use One-Way Exclusive Funnels To Remove Groundhogs without Trapping Them

Trapping is one of the most effective groundhog removal methods that will surely solve your problem. It is the method that can be used to get rid of the animal without even wasting time in the process. But, what if you are in the state or area where trapping is prohibited for groundhog? In such case trapping will not be an option for you rather you will start to look for another option. One-way exclusive funnels are great option to removing groundhog from your property with ease. But, you must know how to use it in order to be sure of effective result.

Check Round the Place to Find Entrance and Exit Point For Groundhog
The first thing you should do when you want to use exclusion funnel to get rid of groundhog without trapping is to check rough the place to find entry and exit point. Your ability to find all the possible entry and exit point for groundhog, your chance to ensure complete removal of the animal. So, make sure that you check round paying attention to even small holes that look like an entry point to the place.

Block All the Entry Points Living Only One Where You Will Install the Funnel
After you have found the entry hole for the groundhogs, the next thing you need to do is to block the entire holes remaining just only one. The remaining hole is where you will install the exclusion funnel for groundhog removal. Make sure that you dress the funnel and make it the only remaining exit point for groundhog.

Install the Funnel and Allow It to Stay For Sometime Before Removing
Just go ahead and install exclusion funnels to make sure that the groundhogs only follow the funnel to move out of the place. Allowing the animal to move out from the funnel without letting them in is the main reason for the exclusion funnel for groundhog removal. The animal will no longer be able to go into your property again with the funnel installed.

Remove the Funnels and Close Down the Space
After days, you have to go ahead and remove the funnel and close down the space. You will discover that you will have groundhog free environment within the short time. The truth is that removing groundhog with exclusion method will never harm the animal but will only make them to move out on their own accord.

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