How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove pigeons without trapping them

Having an enormous number of pigeons in your poultry facilities, attics, barns, farm buildings, livestock buildings, and other facilities can be a huge problem. Having pigeons in a facility always results in unsanitary environments and in enormous damages to the facility. One thing that you absolutely need to know about pigeons in your facility is that these animals can easily contaminate water sources in the facility that they have invaded so you aren’t recommended to drink water in facilities where pigeons are roosting at.

The worst thing about pigeons is that they can invade facilities that contain livestock or poultry and transmit various diseases they carry onto your livestock or onto your poultry. This is why you should immediately get rid of pigeons as soon as they invade facilities that contain poultry or livestock. It is always hard to get rid of pigeons because they invade properties in groups and you simply can’t trap all pigeons. Even if you catch all pigeons, you will be at problem what to do with those pigeons you have caught.

This is why we have created this article that will teach you how to get rid of pigeons the most effective and painless way and that is by installing exclusion funnels.

Identifying the Pigeon Population
Before you even commence with installing exclusion funnels so you could solve your pigeon infestation, you should first find out what type of pigeons has invaded your property. To find out what type of pigeons has invaded your property, watch your pigeon friends as they fly out from your barn, attic, etc.

Knowing the population of pigeons that has invaded your attic, barn, etc., will help you solve your pigeon issue better.

Searching for Entry and Exit Points of Your Pigeons
You can’t install exclusion funnels everywhere. You have to install these traps on places that pigeons use for entering and exiting your barn, attic, livestock facility, etc.

To know where to install your exclusion funnels, you will need to find pigeon entry and exit holes. Once you find these holes, block all of them and only leave one or two on which you will install exclusion funnels.

Installing Exclusion Funnels
Installing exclusion funnels is a relatively easy task. You only have to make sure that your exclusion funnel will allow your pigeons to go out of your facility but won’t allow them to get back into them.

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