Should I Feed A Baby Raccoon I Found?

It is just common to find baby raccoon scampering around without the mother. That does not really mean the mother is gone or that the raccoon is an orphan. For that reason, it is not advisable to start caring for the baby raccoons you found without waiting for the at least 2 to 8 hours. During the waiting period, if the mother will come back to look for the baby, it will certainly come before eight hours from the time you found the wandering baby. It is really not encouraging for you to feed a baby raccoon you found around wandering. Rather you need to hand it over to rehabilitators around.

Make Sure You Wear Glove While Caring For Baby Raccoon
While waiting for mother raccoon, it is important for you to provide the baby with little care that will make it remain alive until the mother comes. But, you must take protective measure in while you care for the baby. Wear rubber glove in your hand when you want to handle the animal to avoid getting a bite from the animal due to fear.

Why You Must Not Feed a Baby Raccoon You Found
The truth is that you are not an expert and was not trained for caring for wild animals. For that reason, it is difficult for you to know the right food that can encourage the health of the animal you are caring for. Giving the animal food that is not okay with the body can result to unexpected death. So, the best thing is to avoid feeding a baby raccoon you found.

The Only Thing You Need To Do While Caring For Abandoned Baby Raccoon
You can substitute raccoon milk to the baby with puppy or kitten milk. That has been tested and proved to be healthy and nourishing to the animal. But, you must ensure you hydrate the animal before going ahead to introduce it to the milk. Provide it with enough water so as to avoid dehydration and death.

Why You Can Easily Find Baby Raccoon during the Day Instead Of In the Night
It is nor strange for you to find baby raccoons wandering around during the day. This is because raccoon babies are not completely nocturnal like the mothers until they are up to one year. For that reason, you can easily see them moving around your neighborhood during the day.

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