Should I feed a baby skunk I found?

Stumbling into a baby skunk is very rare but we are with you if you feel pity for it. However, there are considerations when you decide to feed the skunk because it entails a responsibility to keep it alive. Before deciding however, you must keep in mind the following:

• Do not approach the skunk abruptly because even baby skunks can release a yellowish, fluid-like substance that definitely smells awful and can cause allergies.
• Check the area if the skunk is really alone, that is if it is an orphan or not and if it has littermates.
• There are wildlife rehabilitation centers in existence; if one is near your area then you might consider bringing the skunk/s there. If you are not trained to take care of baby animals and do not have any knowledge about it then by all means take it to the center.

If however you are determined to feed a baby skunk, here are the steps that you should take:

Step 1
Find a chart to determine the baby skunk’s age. You can use Google or better yet go to the local vet and ask for help in determining the baby skunk’s age.

Step 2
If the skunk is really an infant, that is it is still not in its weaning stage then proceed to making sure it is warm. Skunks at this stage are probably dehydrated and malnourished thus prepare a pedialyte solution and warm it until it reached body temperature before feeding it to the skunk.

Step 3
After the baby skunk is rehydrated, prepare Ebsilac as its food until it is weaned. Do not feed your baby skunk with cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and other pet foods as it will likely kill it.

Step 4
Baby skunks have a better chance of surviving when it is surrounded by other skunks. If you have really found it alone then you might consider taking it to animal shelters to mingle with other skunks. Note: Absolutely do not let it get close to your other pets. It will think that it is okay to get close to cats and dogs generally and might definitely reduce their chances of survival when released to the wild.

Step 5
Food supplements are sometimes needed to restore the strength and immunity of skunks found in a state of abandonment. Also, deworming is a must.

Step 6
When it is already weaned it can find food for its own. Skunks eat different kinds of pests like bees and worms among others.

Remember, when feeding skunks and you have every intention towards releasing it to the wild [which is the right thing to do], then you must cover your hands and face when feeding them. So that they will not get used to human presence!

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