Should I Feed a Baby Wild Animal I Found?

If you have wild animals living in your attic, yard, under porch or shed and other part of your building chances are you will find baby wild animal around your home. The baby may fall off the attic into wall, or come out from chimney through the fireplace in to your house. Looking at the helpless and harmless baby wild animal you may consider feeding it as an option just to ensure you save it from dying but that is not best thing to do. So, this article is about to offer you information on what you should do when you find baby wild animal in any part of your house at any point in time.

Hydrate the Baby Wild Animal with Fluid

Dehydration is one of the things that can easily kill baby wild animal when the mother is not around. For that reason, the first thing you should do when you find baby animal is to hydrate the body with water. Make sure the baby wild animal drinks the water to increase the chance of survival before reuniting with the mother.

Never Feed Baby Wild Animal with Solid Food

You are not trained to handle wild animal which made it necessary for you to only provide the animal with minimal assistant to avoid going above your limit. One of the things you should not do is feeding the animal with solid food or your pet formula as that can make the animal to die in your hand. So, simply save your pet food and other formula you have around and look for a way to reunite the baby wild animal to the mother.

Warm Up the Body with Warming Pad and Try to Reunite To the Mother

Wild animals always abandon the babies when their body temperature drops below normal. For that reason if you want to increase the chance of the mother coming back for the baby and reuniting with the baby you have to provide it with warmness. You can make use of warming pad and place the baby animal in a carton with piece of cloth inside to make it comfortable for the animal. If the mother is still alive and within it will definitely come to reclaim the babies within 48 hours.

Take To Rehabilitation Center If the Mother Do Not Come After 48 Hours

If you try all you could but the mother wild animal did not return to reunite with the baby after 48 hours you have to take the baby to the nearest rehabilitation center. That will help to increase the chance of baby wild animal living without the mother.

Should I Feed a Baby Wild Animal I Found?

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