Should I feed Pigeons?

The issue whether or not it is ok to feed pigeons is simple if we understand what kind of pigeons. As for domesticated pigeons, of course you will have to feed them the right kind of food. However, for the wild pigeons, then there are a number of factors that one has to consider.

• The law.

Mostly, laws related to birds and animals would normally discourage one to feed them and in this case pigeons. Feeding them as good an act as it may appear means that you will going against the law and you will be liable for a fine. The wise thing to do is know what the law in your area provides. Areas that have adopted this law, normally does so with the aim of trying to curb the ever increasing population of these birds which become a menace to the residents.

• Your neighbors

Is feeding the pigeons bothering your neighbors? If you are getting complaints from your neighbors, then it will be good if you stop. Feeding the birds is entertaining the birds to your premises and also that of your neighbor. One could start by just feeding a few that appear in your balcony but it will not be very long before the flock grows in numbers and start becoming a problem to you and your neighbors. Pigeons will normally move from their temporary shelter in places such as tress and establish permanent shelters like in your home where they are certain to get food. So before you think about feeding these birds, be aware that you might just be inviting trouble with your neighbor.

• Bird control efforts in your area

If those in charge in your areas have the bird control issue on their table, then it will probably not be a good idea to feed them. Feeding them, is a factor that promotes their population meaning that if your area is struggling with a high bird population issue, your act further goes to promote the problem. However, if this not an issue in your area, and it is not illegal, then there is absolutely no harm. So the best thing will be to check in with those in charge of animals and bird control in your area.

What one needs to bear in mind is that, if you choose to feed these pigeons, you are just inviting them to your premises and they will be sure to return. With time, in even larger numbers as they will have gotten a source of food, one factor that attracts them to a particular place.

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