How to find a dead animal inside a house

Having a dead animal in your home is no doubt unbearable if not a night mare. The worst thing about this is that in most cases, animal would prefer dying in secret enclosed places rather than in the open. This therefore commits you to finding the carcass, an activity that is no fun at all. Most animals would be found dead in areas such as the walls, the attic, the chimney, the ceiling and sometimes underneath you house if your house is raised. Here, we seek to find the various methods that are useful when it comes to finding the carcass.

• Sniffing

Sniffing awful smells is definitely one thing you don’t want to do but sadly in this case, it’s a must do. Sniffing around the house while concentrating in areas that the smell seems to be strongest actually narrows down the area of the carcass. Continue sniffing around to know the exact point of the carcass if it’s the walls r the attic or yet still the chimney. If it is the wall, the exact point would normally feel a bit warmer due to decomposition as compared to the surrounding’s temperature.

• Engaging a pet

If establishing the spot by seems to be a hard nut to crack, why not engage your pet like say your dog. Dogs are specifically known for their strong sense of smell. Have the dog smell the house for you and this is a sure bet that the carcass will be found. However, one needs to be careful with the pet and avoid it from eating the carcass to prevent spreading disease.

• Indicators

Common indicators would include stains. Many are the times that we assume the satins on our ceilings are as a result of leakage. This is not always the case. A dead animal in the ceiling may just as well make such a stain. So if you are having a dead animal in your house, it will be wise to establish if these stains are just as a result of your roof leaking.

• Natural indicators.

Often, insects such as black ants and flies would normally be seen around carcasses. So if you spot these insects in a particular spot in your house, then this should be the area to start with. Sometimes, maggots may also be seen coming out from a particular area. For example, if the animal died on the wall behind the fridge, then the maggots will be seen coming from behind the fridge. How to find a dead animal inside a house

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