What should I do if I find a nest of baby armadillos?

They Dig Burrows
Armadillos create their nest in a unique way. These animals create their nests underground by digging enormous burrows. These wild animals are capable of creating huge underground burrows that can seriously damage people’s yards and the foundations of their home. If you ever find an armadillo digging in your yard and disrupting it, you should immediately get rid of the animal. You can remove an armadillo by yourself, but you must be careful while handling an armadillo because it can scratch you with its sharp claws or bite you and thereby transmit your various diseases. Armadillos carry various diseases, from leprosy to rabies so they are a health hazard.

Should You Call Wildlife Professionals ?
You only have two options when it comes to getting rid of an armadillo in your yard with babies - calling wildlife professionals to get rid of the momma armadillo and her babies or removing them by yourself. Our warm recommendation is to get rid of armadillos by calling wildlife professionals. However, before you even take action in removing baby armadillos and mamma armadillo, you first have to find the armadillo burrow that contains baby armadillos. Let’s find out how you can find signs of armadillo in your yard.

Signs of Armadillo
Before you call wildlife professionals, you must find signs of armadillo. If there are areas in your yard that were scratches or your yard’s sod has been pulled up, you can be almost certain that you have an armadillo with babies in your yard. Armadillos pull up sod and replace it incorrectly when they are searching for food. To be sure that you have an armadillo in your yard, search for soil that is loose in common places where an armadillo burrows: driveways, sheds, decks, woodpiles, under buildings, under porch, etc.

Further Investigation
You should also investigate other areas on your property that offer coverage, such as orchards, woods, and other places that sport excessive brush. Armadillos are fond of making nests in excessive brush.

If you want to investigate your property for signs of an armadillo with babies, you should perform that investigation during the middle of the day. Armadillo burrows usually house four armadillo young.

What to do with the Armadillo Young?
So you have found armadillo young? What to do with them? You don’t have to do anything. Your only job is to call wildlife rehabilitators which will relocate the young. Be careful while observing armadillo babies because mom armadillo may be somewhere near you and she may attack you.

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