What Should I Do If I Find Nest of Snakes?

Many types of snakes are dangerous. You should keep it in mind that not all snakes are venomous, but many of them are venomous, and their poisons can be deadly. Some of them can kill within minutes of biting humans. When you see snake nest in your yard, it is an indication that a snake comes around to nest in that particular location, which will tell you that the snake is not too far from that particular location. It is time to watch out!

• Check for eggs: At times the nest may be empty, but there are some other times when the nest will have eggs. In such a situation, you can be sure that the snake will not be far away. Just like many kinds of animals, snakes watch over their young ones and will do anything to protect these young ones. They usually guide their eggs to make sure no intruder comes close. When you see snake nest containing eggs, then the mother snake cannot be far away; it is time to be on your guard. It is more or less an issue of fight or flight.

• Is it a hibernaculum: A hibernaculum is a nest where the snake rest or sleep. It is also the place where several snakes can gather during winter. When you see such in your garden, you may not need to panic since the snakes will not be active until spring; they are only there to rest, and the will disperse once it is spring. Leaving the snakes alone during the winter can also benefit you in a way; the presence of the snakes in your garden can help keep the rodents away. Some species of snakes do not bite humans except they are provoked; they would rather eat slugs, which can also benefit you a lot.

• Watch out for venomous variants: As hinted earlier, some types of snakes are venomous; the presence of such snakes in your garden may not be an entirely pleasant thing. However, you may not be able to differentiate the venomous ones from those that are not venomous if you are not a professional in this area. The best thing to do in this situation is to call on snake enthusiasts or professionals in your locality. They can help identify if there are any venomous snake among the lot hibernating in your garden. If any of the snakes are found to be venomous, just wait the winter out and disassemble the hibernaculum once the snakes disperse in spring. What Should I Do If I Find Nest of Snakes?

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