What should I do if I find a nest of rats in the attic?

If anyone sees a rat in the attic or in any other portion of the house, it is very important to get rid of it. First of all it is very important to understand that why people want to get rid of the rats they see in their house immediately. It is because of the increasing awareness about rats and the kinds of diseases they spread while they live and feed and breed in the houses. The contamination which is spread by the rats has many side effects and it should be cleared as soon as possible. In order to stop the rats from spreading diseases and to control the damage which they cause to your property while they live there, it is important to adopt certain measures which could ensure the removal of rats from your attic.

Locate the nests of rats
In most of the cases it is the attic where the rats would like to live and build their nests. This is because it is the safe and darker portion of the house and normally humans do not interfere in this portion of the house. Once the nests of the rats are located and they are spotted, then certain measures are taken in order to make them run away or to kill them on the spot. The most humane way of removing the rats and getting rid of them is that you just try to remove them alive and relocate them. However it is not that simple and easy to get rid of the rats once they get into your house.

Looking for rats in breeding season
It becomes even more difficult to find out, spot and kill the rat or relocate it especially when it is the breeding season. You never know where the female has given birth to the babies and how much time is required in order to get them independent. After that you can carry out the exclusion process and relocate the female along with the babies. If you try to relocate the rats before they get independent and mature enough, you can make their lives at risk. There are chances that they may get separated from their mother and then they may perish. Therefore it is better to seek help from a professional

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