How to find and remove a dead bat

Bats are not the kind of animals one just picks up and adopts just because they think the creature looks cute and may need a friend. There are a couple of things you need to know about bats.

What do you need to know?

● Bats are nocturnal animals, hence seeing one during the day is a very questionable thing. It may be sick and dying, do not just reach out without protection.
● Bats are carriers of deadly illness causing micro-organisms; therefore, handling a bat without caution can cause the transmission of deadly illnesses.
● They generally reside in caves and dark places like attics. Take caution when you see them in places they do not favor.

How do I find a dead bat?

● If you live in an area where there are woods and caves nearby you may encounter dead bats even just by walking through your compound or area.
● By use of a trained dog, you can scan the area for any dead animals. Ensure your animal does not come close to a dead bat though.
● By checking your enclosed areas, like garages, attics and beneath porches.

This exercise however requires a lot of care and watchfulness as anything is possible. They could fly at you and bite.

What are the causes of death in bats?
They may be man-made or natural.
● Predators
● Disease
● Wind turbines and other man made gadgets may also be a big contributory factor to their mortality.

They are carriers of disease

● While not all of them are carriers of rabies, a huge percent of them is. If not vaccinated against rabies, a person who handles body fluids of a dead bat may catch rabies and once infected it is always fatal.
● They are also associated with Marburg hemorrhagic fever which is as deadly as the Ebola virus and is transmitted through contact with animal droppings.
● The most common source of rabies is bats.

What to do when you find a dead bat.

● Wear protective gear when handling the animal. You do not want to catch disease.
● Ensure that your pets are not in contact with the dead animal. If they already have been, a visit to the vet is advised for anti-rabies shot.
● Contact the nearest disease control offices near you. This is because they may need you to bag and send them the dead bat for testing purposes.
● If you are disposing it yourself, consider burying it in a deep grave or incinerate it.

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