How to find and remove a dead pigeon.

All living things are bound to face on of their most dreaded characteristic, death. Pigeons are not spared. The question however is, what how do we find these dead pigeons and after we find how we remove the dead pigeon and dispose them?

Finding a dead pigeon.
Finding them should be easy. You know where the birds take shelter in your house and so that should be your starting point. It could be in the attic, in the chimney or in the wall. The bad smell will mostly guide you as it strongest where the dead bird is. After finding it, then dispose it in a manner that can be termed as safe. However, it proves to be such a challenge to find the animal, then It I recommended for you to get the services of that pros have to offer.

Removing a dead pigeon.
The most important thing while carrying out this activity is ensuring safety. Safety because the dead bird is a risk towards your health and those around. So how do we go about this activity:

• Wearing gloves.

Protect yourself by ensuring that you have gloves on before handling the dead bird. This is due to the fact that mites, bacteria and insect have the potential of transferring diseases to humans. Disposable gloves would be the most appropriate as the gloves in use should never be used again.

• Assemble and use the right tools for the job

To move the dead bird, a shovel or a rake will come in handy as you do not want to have any contact whatsoever with the dead pigeon. Even if you have your gloves on, avoid contact as much as possible. You could use a card board or a newspaper to act as an additional barrier.

• Wrapping the bird.

To warp the bird, the best item would be a plastic bad especially one that can be sealed. However, if this is not available, then a good number of newspapers could be used or some old rag to be discarded away with the body.

• Discard the body.

The body is to be discarded in a trash container that can be firmly covered. Ensure that where you choose to discard is away from predators, your pets and out of children as you do not want the case of some potential health risk. Dispose the gloves as well.

• Wash your hands.

Wash your hands thoroughly immediately even if you had your gloves on and there was no contact. Hot and soapy water would do and where water is not available, then a sanitizer will just be as good.

It is important to note that if you are not sure of how exactly to go about this activity, it will be wise to have experts do it to avoid the risk of spreading disease.

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