How to find and remove a snake in your attic

They Live in Attics
Snakes are very common in attics. However, that doesn’t mean you will find cobras or anacondas in your attic because these snakes aren’t climbing snakes. Only climbing snakes are capable of invading people’s attics. Now, what snakes fall under the category of climbing snakes? Well, some of the most common snakes that invade attics and that fall under the category of climbing snakes include Yellow Rat Snake and Rattlesnakes. You shouldn’t be worried if you find a Yellow Rat Snake in your attic because this snake type isn’t dangerous. However, you should be extremely worried if you find out that your attic has been invaded by a rattlesnake because this snake is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. But, how in the world can you know that you actually have snakes in your attic? Well, let’s find that out!

How to Know You Have Snakes in Your Attic?
There are several clues that point out that you may have snakes up there in your attic. Those clues include:

• Noises. If you hear slithering noises originating from your attic, you probably have snakes in your attic.
• Snakeskin. If you find a shed snakeskin in your attic, then you can almost be certain that you have snakes in your attic.
• Rats. If there’s rat invasion going on in your attic, then the odds are high that you have snakes in your attic because snakes are naturally drawn to places where rats can be found.

Finding a Snake in Your Attic
It can be extremely hard to find snakes in the attic, let alone other areas of your home because these animals won’t leave a lot of droppings that could help you find their hiding spot. To find a snake in your attic, you will have to think like that animal. We know that sounds crazy. So, if you were a snake scared of humans, where could you be found in the attic? Most probably in a secluded area in the attic, right? Snakes always hide in the attic so look out for them in secluded areas of your attic!

How to Remove Them?
The best way to remove the animals is to set up glue traps in your attic and wait for the animals to get trapped. Once you trapped your snakes, put on gloves to pick them up and put them in a pillowcase. Then relocate the snakes. How to find and remove a snake in your attic

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