Flying squirrels

It would so much beautiful to have a squirrel that actually flies but in reality the squirrels do not fly. They glide and by gliding, this means that they will occasionally jump from one tree to another. In air they actually look like they are flying for the can stay some minutes high in the sky but they really do not fly.

In the family of the squirrels, these species of squirrels are very distinctive. There are only two species of the flying squirrels. There are the northern flying squirrels and the southern one. People will tend to mistake them but in truth they are very different and strangely, they do not interbreed.

Life cycle
There is too little to expect in the wild but strangely the flying squirrel can actually live up to six years in the tough environment of the wild. These show that these animals are very hardy. However, there are a lot of dangers that these animals are exposed to with the predators being; tree snakes, the raccoons, the owls and many others These animals are nocturnal and this means that they will hunt during the day. Mating season starts in the months of February through to March. When the young ones are born, they stay with the mother in the maternal nesting sites. When the young squirrels are born, they do not have hair, they are blind and deaf but as time keeps passing by all the characteristics of a squirrels develop and the young squirrels are ready to face up the wild.

Most of the flying squirrel will leave in the wild but there are some which live in the zoo. Considering the fact that the flying squirrels are an endangered species, they are highly protected in the zoos.

Flying squirrels are omnivore’s animals and will eat entirely almost anything that comes their way. They will tend to eat according to their environment meaning that the environment will not influence their choice of feeding. They will eat whatever they find. They have a very high sense of smell and can easily forage food at night. They will harvest for fungi, bird eggs, fruits and the nuts.

These are wonderful animal to have around especially their gliding ability is what makes them very special. Therefore, since they are endangered, let’s do something to protect them.

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